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Endure-X™ Single Solid Roller Lifter: Left Pushrod Seat
Endure-X™ Single Solid Roller Lifter: Left Pushrod Seat
Product Representation: Actual part may vary based on configuration ordered.
Part: 873L-1
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Application – Single .300″ Taller Roller Lifter



Pushrod Seat Location

Offset Distance

Oil Hole
vs. Axle


Seat Height








This .300″ taller Endure-X™ Solid Roller Lifter from COMP Cams® is engineered to withstand the demands of aggressive cam lobe designs and increased RPM ranges. It features a wear resistant tool steel axle, precision sorted needle bearings and EDM Oil Injection™ Technology that guarantees the bearing assembly receives a constant flow of oil. The Endure-X™ Solid Roller Lifter is heat treated, machined to ultra-high tolerances and fully rebuildable.

  • EDM Oil Injection™ Technology guarantees that the bearing assembly receives constant, pressurized oil flow via precision hole aimed at the bearings
  • Needle bearings are precision sorted by size to evenly distribute loads, which prevents premature wear and failure
  • Durable axle is made from wear resistant tool steel to prolong the life of the roller assembly, especially in high RPM applications