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High Energy™ Hydraulic Lifters • Chrysler Big Block & Hemi
High Energy™ Hydraulic Lifters • Chrysler Big Block & Hemi
Product Representation: Actual part may vary based on configuration ordered.
Part: 824-16
Price: $161.05
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HIGH ENERGYHydraulic Flat Tappet Lifters

  • Patented orifice metering valve precisely meters oil to the rocker arms

  • Continuous contact between the metering valve & pushrod seat is maintained: Eliminating excessive oiling at high RPM

  • Pushrod seat is made of a special powdered metal iron alloy that is heat-treated for strength & wear resistance

  • Longer piston than conventional hydraulic lifters, which provides more load bearing surface & increases lifter longevity

  • Lightweight check valve disc allows for quicker response, which results in increased engine speed before valve float

  • Lightweight check valve disc maintains added control at all engine speeds & loads


  • Chrysler

    • Big Block "B" Series: 383-440 c.i.d. ('58-'67)

    • Hemi Big Block: 426 c.i.d. ('66-'71)

Diameter • 110g Weight • 1.91” Seat Height