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V-Thunder® Evolution Big Twin Performance Camshafts -Includes Gear
V-Thunder® Evolution Big Twin Performance Camshafts -Includes Gear
Product Representation: Actual part may vary based on configuration ordered.
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V-Thunder® Performance Camshafts-Unmatched Performance And Quality

The right cam choice can make the difference between a bike that performs well or fails to perform.
VThunder® cams provide the ultimate in arm-stretching, white knuckle power in both street and competitive

Most cam designers concentrate on getting the most power in a particular RPM range and disregard valve train
clatter and power band width. The designers at VThunder® pay particular attention to ramp design to keep our
cams as quiet as possible and lobe design to maintain as wide a power band as possible. VThunder® cams are
made from 6150 aircraft quality steel for ultimate durability and resistance to premature cam failure from metal
fatigue. We heat treat our cams to provide a case depth that allows for long term use under extreme loads.
With the aid of computer controlled machining centers, VThunder® cams are held to extremely
precise tolerances.

Backed by hundreds of hours on the Dyno and on-bike testing, our power proven cams provide added punch for
all levels of performance needs and riding styles for Evolution® and Shovel engines. Our cams provide the
longevity and valve train integrity you’ve come to expect with Harley Davidson®. Made in the U.S.A. with
American steel, our cams are packaged in full color high-strength boxes complete with detailed installation
instructions. VThunder® by COMP Cams® also offers a one-off special cam grind service.
Why do we do all these things? Easy . . . We want you to be happy with our products!!!


Part# -includes gear



hydraulic • bolt-in • excellent cam for stock replacements • good flat torque curve • more power than stock • off idle to 4800


hydraulic • bolt-in • good low & mid-range power for fuel injected baggers


hydraulic • bolt-in • good low end torque for heavy bikes • two up riding • trailer puller • off idle to 5500 rpm


hydraulic • bolt-in • 80 inch engines • good low end torque and mid-range in heavy and light bikes • 1500 to 5800 rpm • excellent fuel mileage


hydraulic • bolt-in • 80 inch engines • strong mid-range and upper end power with stock heads • 1800 to 6000 rpm


hydraulic • use 9702 / 9703-kit V-Thunder springs • 80-88 inch engines • more mid and upper end power than EVL 3020 • works well with up to 10:1 compression 2000-6800 rpm


hydraulic • use 9702 / 9703-kit V-Thunder springs • split duration cam for light bikes • 80-88 inch engines • more mid-range and upper end power than EVL-3030 • 2500-6500 rpm


hydraulic • use 9702 / 9703-kit V-Thunder springs • good performance cam on light bikes • pulls hard at upper end • likes pipes, carburetor and 9:1 to 10:1+ compression • 7000 rpm


hydraulic • 9702 / 9703-kit V-Thunder springs • hot street or strip cam • needs carburetor, pipes and 10:1 compression • 88 inch engines and larger • 7000+ rpm


hydraulic • 9900-kit V-Thunder springs • serious cam for outstanding top-end power • needs good heads, pipes & carburetor • power to 7500 rpm • 11:1 compression and up • works best in 88 inch engines and larger