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Beehive™ Valve Springs: Top 1.065" O.D., .650" I.D.; Bottom 1.415" O.D., 1.000" I.D.
Beehive™ Valve Springs: Top 1.065
Product Representation: Actual part may vary based on configuration ordered.
Part: 26995-16
Price: $207.00
Weight: 2.88 lbs FREE SHIPPING OVER $50!

With a .580" maximum lift, these Beehive™ Valve Springs were designed for hydraulic or solid flat tappet as well as hydraulic roller cams. They are great for Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Small Block Chrysler or other applications that require shorter installation height. COMP Cams® Beehive™ Valve Springs deliver increased valve train stability and a much lighter valve train. This is achieved with less spring pressure for better valve control and reduced weight of both the spring and retainer. The unique Beehive™ shape handles valve train stress more efficiently to eliminate damaging harmonics and increases high RPM horsepower and durability. The oval/multi-arc wire shape places the maximum area of the wire at the point of highest stress to handle valve train stress more efficiently and allow better heat dissipation for longer life. Because of the unique Beehive™ design, the valve train can handle more RPM and more aggressive cam profiles.

Part # O.D.I.D.Seat LoadOpen LoadCoil BindRate (Lbs./In.)Titanium RetainerSteel RetainerCup SeatShims
137 @ 1.700305 @ 1.1001.0602807881787, 787, 79546964755